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New Marske Primary School Governing Body

Welcome to the governors page for New Marske Primary School. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our roles and our aims.

We are:

A Governing Body who has fourteen governors, all of whom bring different skills to New Marske Primary. This consists of two parent, one Local Authority, one staff plus the Head Teacher and nine co-opted governors. Governors are volunteers who give their time and commitment to what we hope is a very rewarding role and experience. We are subject to an OFSTED inspection at the same time as the school and are rated in the same way that schools are.

Our aim:

To be an effective governing body in challenging and supporting the school so that weaknesses are tackled decisively and our statutory responsibilities are met.

The following statements hopefully will give you a flavour of how we endeavour to do this.

The Governing Body ….

has the capacity to meet the schools needs is influential in determining the strategic direction of the school are rigorous in ensuring that pupils and staff are safe and discharge their statutory duties effectively are fully and systematically involved in evaluating the school their relationships with staff are constructive and governors show determination in challenging and supporting the school in tackling weaknesses and so bringing about necessary improvements.

Have clear systems for seeking views of parents and pupils and mechanisms for acting on.

As you can see there is a great deal expected of all governing bodies which is why it is important that responsibilities are shared.


How do we achieve this?

The full Governing Body meets three times a year, once each term, but we also have two sub committees which both meet every half term.


These are:

The Resources Committee which deals mainly with finance, (budget setting, approval, planning and monitoring), health and safety, safeguarding, premises maintenance, appointments/ staffing, performance management and pay review.

The Curriculum and Standards Committee which deals with monitoring and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan, pupils progress and attainment, curriculum related policies and standards, target setting and extended services provision.

We also have a number of link governors. These are governors who have taken on extra responsibility and visit school during school hours. They meet with the Faculty co-ordinators throughout the year and occasionally observe lessons, accompanied by one of the SLT, related to their particular area of responsibility and report back to the Full Governing Body each term.

There are a number of other committees but these only meet if required. We have responsibility for the parental questionnaire sent out in the Spring term.

Where possible we join in with the fun events too which take place throughout the year, Christmas time being the most special. I think the most important thing to mention is that we have a very committed governing body. We can all give varying degrees of our time due to work and family commitments but working as a team with everyone taking just a little bit extra responsibility makes us effective.

Throughout we are supported by the Local Authorities Governor Support Service who is there to offer help, advice and training when we need it.

For more information about becoming a school governor please contact the Chair of Governors via the school office.


Instrument of government: Community Schools for governing body constituted in accordance with the school governance (Constitution) (England) regulations 2012


  • The name of the school is: New Marske Primary School
  • The school is a community school
  • The name of the governing body is: The Governing Body of New Marske Primary School
  • The governing body shall consist of:

(a) 2 parent governors
(b) 1 staff governor
(c) 1 LA governor
(d) 9 co-opted governors and,
(e) the Head Teacher

  • The total number of governors shall be 14
  • All categories of governor will have a term of office of four years
  • This instrument comes into effect on 1st April 2015
  • This instrument was made by order of Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council on the day of 200.
  • A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body (and the head teacher if not a governor).


NMP code of Practice 2015.pdf (334k)

Register of business interests Aug 15.pdf (127k)

Scheme of Delegation and Financial Procedures (337k)

NMP Attendance Record 24.06.15 – Current.pdf (41k)

NMP Attendance Record 270213 – 25.03.15.pdf (100k)


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