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Over the course of the year the school runs a range of sporting clubs and activities which help our pupils develop a range of sporting skills in different areas. These include:

Day Club
Monday Change for Life Club: Y1 – Y4
Tuesday Street Zumba for Reception and KS1
Thursday Netball club (KS2)
Friday Football Club (KS2)

(Summer term) Cricket Club – organised by Grangetown       Cricket Club


2015/6 Partnership Activities

Date Competition Numbers of pupils involved
October 6th 2015 Tag Rugby 18 pupils (Y6) 3rd place
October 16th 2015 Tag rugby festival Whole school, including parents
November 10th 2015 Partnership boys and girls football competition 28 pupils (Y5) Boys 2nd place, Girls 1st place
November 17th 2015 Partnership indoor athletics championship 18 pupils (Y6) 3rd place – Fair play award winners
December 1st 2015 Partnership indoor athletics 12 pupils involved (Y3)
December 8th 2015 Partnership Basketball Festival 20 pupils (Y2)
January 12th 2016 Partnership basketball festival 15 pupils (Y6) 2nd place
February 2nd 2016 Partnership swimming festival 8 pupils involved (Y4, 5, 6)
February 9th 2016 Partnership Speed, Agility and Quickness festival 20 pupils Years 1 and 2
February 9th 2016 School cross country festival All pupils from years 3, 4, 5 and 6
February 23rd 2016 Partnership cross country championship and trials 48 pupils from year 3, 4, 5 and 6
March 1st 2016 Partnership netball festival 8 pupils from Y6 3rd place
March 8th 2016 Cleveland cross country festival 8 pupils from Y3, 4, 5 and 6
March 18th 2016 School running festival All pupils, including parents
March 22nd 2016 Partnership multi skills festival 15 pupils Y2

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