Within New Marske Primary School, we have adapted our current curriculum so that is meets the increased demands of National Curriculum (2014).

Curriculum Coordinators

Subject Leader Support
Curriculum Manager: Mrs S. Rule (Deputy Head Teacher
English Miss L. McMeekin Mrs J. Myers

Mrs C. Pearson

Mathematics Mrs K. Lambert
Science Mrs A. Campbell Mrs Heawood
Computing Miss K. McLoughlin
Physical Education and Sport Mrs B. Morris
History Miss K. Allen Mrs L. Patterson
Geography Mrs N. Burns
Music and MFL Miss K. Woodhall Mrs V. Lees
Religious Education and Citizenship Mrs A. Campbell Miss H. Tempest
Art and Design and Design Technology Miss L. Cuthbert Mrs R. Sadler
PHSE Mrs R. Park


Please see below the suggested areas of study for each of the National Curriculum Subjects.



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