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Safeguarding at New Marske Primary School.

There can be no issue of greater importance to parents and carers than the safety of their children. Safeguarding is an area that remains a continuing focus at school, with the school employing a range of strategies to ensure that its systems and procedures are effective in promoting the welfare of all pupils and staff.

Within New Marske Primary School safeguarding is regarded as protecting children from maltreatment, preventing impairment of children’s health or development. This links closely to the school’s statutory duty for child protection which is the process of protecting individual children identified as either suffering, or likely to suffer, significant harm as a result of abuse or neglect.

Within school a team of staff are responsible for monitoring safeguarding with regular reports made to staff and governors about these issues within school. This team consists of:

Name Position Responsibility
Mr J. Dooris Head Teacher Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)
Miss L. Cuthbert Reception teacher Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)
Mrs M. Rafferty School Business Manager Designated Safeguarding Governor
Mrs Y. Joy Chair of Governors Designated Child Protection Governor
Mrs A. Harrison Governor Designated Safeguarding Governor
Mr P. Davies Child Protection Consultant Advisor to the head teacher and governing body

From September 2015, New Marske Primary School have utilised the services of Pete Davies, an educational safeguarding consultant, to ensure the school meets its statutory requirements regarding safeguarding and child protection. Within his advisory role Mr Davies:

  • Carries out termly supervision meetings with the DSL and DDSL.
  • Reviews files and documentation relating to safeguarding and child protection, suggesting improvements to systems and procedures.
  • Carries out an annual Supervision and Child Protection audit with recommendations on policy, procedure and training made to the safeguarding team.
  • Reports to the school governing body.
  • Carries out awareness sessions and training with pupils, staff and parents on e-safety, safeguarding and child protection.


This role supports the work already undertaken by school to ensure systems and procedures are effective in promoting the welfare of all pupils and staff. These procedures include:

  • Termly reporting to the school governing body about safeguarding and child protection.
  • A weekly 60 second briefing during the weekly staff briefing summarising any safeguarding and child protection issues which staff need to be aware of.
  • Implementation of the CPOMS (Child Protection and On Line Management System) across the school from September 2015. This online resource allows all staff to raise safeguarding and child protection issues with the DSL  and DDSL at any time, ensuring that incidents are logged and acted upon.
  • Accessing training from the Redcar and Cleveland Local Safeguarding Children Board. (LSCB)
  • Implementing regional and national safeguarding initiatives, such as Operation Encompass, a regional initiative to reduce the impact of domestic violence on children.
  • Ensuring that the highest standards of safeguarding procedures are implemented across school such as ensuring all volunteers are checked in accordance with Disclosure and Baring Checks (DBS) and ensuring that all visitors received a leaflet about Safeguarding when entering school.
  • Regular updating of parents about current procedures through the school newsletter and twitter

If you have any concerns about safeguarding or child protection please pass this concern onto Mr Dooris or Miss Cuthbert.

Attached documents

  • Supervision and Child Protection Audit
  • Child protection Policy
  • Safeguarding Policy


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