SEND Information Report


1 Identification of Needs (33k)

2 What should I do if I think I need extra help (62k)

3 Curriculum (14k)

4 How will I be involved in planning for my needs (14k)

5a How can I help myself (18k)

5b Learning (203k)

6 Well-being (115k)

7 Involvement in activities outside of the classroom (44k)

8a Moving from Primary School (46k)

9 Activities Outside of School (7k)

10a How is Transition planned and managed by the school (8k)

New Marske local offer parents 2017 (53k)

Parent Partnership (39k)

SEND-Policy-2017 (116k)


For more information about the SEND offer from Redcar and Cleveland, follow this link to the People Information Network website

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