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The Local Authority is responsible for school admissions. Parents from outside the catchment area have the right to request admission for their children to join. We welcome the opportunity to have a broader spectrum of pupils attending the school and will make every effort to accommodate this, subject to available places.

Please find below a link for further details from the Redcar and Cleveland Council


Pupils from Outside the School’s Admission Zone

A child’s place cannot be guaranteed and this applies equally to those pupils attending the nursery.

Children can start nursery in the term they are three. However in some year groups we have waiting lists. This does not mean that children will not get a place, just that they may have to wait until the term after their birthday to start. The school follows the LA admissions guidance in that children who live in the catchment area are given preference. Children living out of catchment will be considered next, should places be available. If, when the children reach Reception age, we are oversubscribed, the waiting list is given to the local authority who make decisions about places based on their admission policy which includes facts such as are they a looked after child, where the children live and whether they have siblings in the school.

View the Redcar and Cleveland Admissions Policy here: Determined Admissions policy and arrangements 2017-18

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