Register of Business Interests

GOVERNOR Other School Governships STAFF Member (Post) RELATED TO STAFF MEMBER (Name) BUSINESS/PERSONAL INTEREST Date of Declaration
Details Self/Family Member
Norah Cooney Nil Nil Nil 19.07.15
Yvonne Joy Nil Nil Nil 24.06.15
Margaret Rafferty Nil School Business Manager Nil Nil 19.07.17
Alyson Harrison Nil Nil Nil 19.07.17
Sarah Rule Nil Deputy Headteacher Nil Nil 19.07.17
Michael Bateman Nil Nil Nil 19.07.17
Sarah Clifford Nil Nil Nil 19.07.17
John Dooris Nil Headteacher Nil Nil 19.07.17
Rachel Cook Nil Nil Nil 19.07.17
Emma Bateman Nil Nil Nil 22.07.15
Julie Smith Nil Nil Nil 22.07.15
Christopher Glover Yes – Governor at Errington Primary Nil Nil 19.07.17


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